The All-In-One Content Creator Toolkit for Sports Gaming

Tallysight is the content marketing & monetization platform used by thousands of sports gaming media teams and creators to eliminate time-consuming work, scale creator-driven content, and grow revenue in sports gaming.

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Tallysight Product

Proudly trusted by industry leading sports media publishers & sportsbooks

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Content creation & management

Eliminate time-consuming work

Tallysight helps you increase productivity and reduce administrative headaches.

  • Automate your content management workflow with easy-to-use CMS plugins and betting integrations.
  • Speed up content production and never use spreadsheets and email again to track picks/predictions.
  • Collaborate more effectively with teammates and content partners in one place.
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Content distribution

Scale creator-driven content

Tallysight helps your content creators drive stronger engagement and brand loyalty.

  • Create viral marketing loops and highly shareable content (social, leaderboards, stats, and insights).
  • Expand audience reach to any digital channel (website, email newsletter, mobile app, API, and more).
  • Grow each creator's audience and influence with white-labeled marketing tools.
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“Easy to use and highly professional product.”

David Dorey

Co-Founder, The Huddle (Part of USA Today Sports)

Tallysight Advanced Affiliate Management

Content monetization

Grow revenue in sports betting

Tallysight enables hassle-free revenue experiences.

  • Manage all your affiliate links and target specific demographics with ease.
  • Improve performance with insights for betting performance and marketing analytics.
  • Convert more audiences with real-time, dynamic, and interactive content (staff picks, live odds comparison tables, game tiles, and SEO-driven landing pages).

Community, stats, and analytics

Make content social and gamified

Tallysight provides real-time pick tracking with live betting data and performance.

  • Make work more fun with leaderboards and gamified user experiences.
  • Connect with other content creators and teams throughout sports betting media.
  • Amplify your content with access to advanced analytics, trends, and statistics.
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We support a passionate network of content creators

Thousands of sports gaming enterprises, media teams, and creators trust Tallysight's publishing & marketing tools.

User Generated Content
Total Creator Community
Publishers & Teams
Who we serve

Who does Tallysight
work with?

Tallysight supports content creators, media teams, and enterprises in sports gaming. We define content creators as anyone who creates, manages, and monetizes sports gaming content.

Sportsbooks & gaming operators
Publishers & broadcasters
Social media influencers
Sports analysts
Writers & journalists
Podcasters & hosts
and many more...

"Tallysight has been a huge help for us to continue to publish NFL picks in an easy and engaging way and be able to make the process much smoother for our staff. The ability to compare where our people stand vs. other outlets is a nice bonus and gives the readers access to additional fun content. I can't say enough about the Tallysight team in terms of how willing it is to help with technical support or suggestions on how to extend the reach and scope of the content."

Josh Barnett

Sports Editor, Buffalo News

Seamless integrations

Tallysight enhances your technologies, brands, and workflow. Easily connect your existing software tools and data partners and instantly share your content to the web and third-party platforms, like Wordpress, Chorus, and AMP.

Empower your content creators with Tallysight

Focus on growing your audience and business, no need for engineering or design resources, and no more spreadsheets.

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Scott Bell

Before partnering with Tallysight, we had already identified gambling content as a coverage area with a ton of upside. But we didn't truly unlock a lot of that potential until teaming up with Tallysight. The time saved by using Tallysight was absolutely huge, thanks to their team's responsiveness and ability to turn concept into reality. Now, rather than tying up our time hand-scoring predictions, tabulating standings and finding ways to come up with 'good enough' ways to display that content like we did in the past, we're freed up to actually try new things and attempt some innovation in this space.

Scott Bell
Scott Bell

Assistant Sports Editor, Dallas Morning News

James Pennington

I love Tallysight for several reasons. The most important for me is engagement. Previously, I would release my picks in thread form on Twitter. Having the ability to put all my picks on one graphic makes it easier for my followers to see every pick and bet without having to scroll through several tweets. It has tremendously improved my connection with my betting crowd. It's also a good teaching tool. There is a great number of sports fans who don't quite understand betting lines and how they work. Tallysight has become a conversation piece that helps explain the process to people who lack experience or understanding. I recommend this to every content creator/sports journalist I know.

James Pennington
James Pennington

Buffalo Rumblings Contributor and Host of the Conduct Pod

Greg Tompsett

Tallysight has been a game changer for our interaction with fans. Every content company struggles to branch out beyond their core competency and the ease of use with Tallysight's widgets, graphics was a clean transition into talking about our picks & betting strategies with our followers.

Greg Tompsett
Greg Tompsett

Co-Owner & Creator, Cover 1

Kenny King Jr.

I love how I can see user picks from some of the top names in sports. Being able to get educated and up to date sports betting info at my fingertips puts Tallysight ahead of the competition for me.

Kenny King Jr.
Kenny King Jr.

Host/Founder of Real Talk with Kenny King Jr. Podcast